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ACROSS ENEMY LINES: Packers seek to reclaim part of Martellus Bennett’s signing bonus


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Packers seek to reclaim part of Martellus Bennett’s signing bonus

It’s no surprise that the team has officially filed paperwork with the league regarding the tight end’s contract.

The Martellus Bennett saga took another step forward today as the Green Bay Packers filed the necessary paperwork to seek to reclaim a portion of his signing bonus, per ESPN’s Rob Demovksy. The NFL Player’s Association said they were monitoring the situation, but had no additional comment.

This is not a surprise, as Bennett’s departure was extremely unusual and the NFL’s policy on unusual departures, such as retirement, or an undisclosed injury designation almost always involves arbitration of some point. NFL signing bonuses are guaranteed, however that guarantee is not absolute, and anything that is essentially a breach of the contract can bring the bonus back into play.

In this matter, the Packers contended during his release that Bennett did not properly disclose an injury, and his open discussions of wanting to retire at season’s end fed into the idea that he simply did not want to be there. That was especially so after “>

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