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EYE ON THE ENEMY: Winning without Rodgers, revisited: Packers haven’t met baselines for success


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I know most Chicago Bears fans try to not only keep up with their beloved Bears, but also try to keep track of what the despised rivals are up to, We decided to occasionally check out what’s going on in the enemy base.

Here’s an article to keep you up to date on what the other teams in our division are up to

Winning without Rodgers, revisited: Packers haven’t met baselines for success

Green Bay had five important keys to winning without Aaron Rodgers, but hasn’t met them with regularity over the last five games.

With a 1-4 record over the past five games, it’s safe to say that many things have gone wrong for the Green Bay Packers. But in many ways, it has been a recurring pattern of issues.

While Brett Hundley seemed to turn a corner against Chicago, he reverted back to the hesitant, confused look from previous games. Hundley’s inconsistency and the Packer defense’s less-than-stellar play overall have contributed to a team that looks less focused and confident each week.

In an October 19th article immediately after Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone, I examined five statistics that were telling of Green Bay’s success or failure the last time Rodgers was injured in 2013. After the first five games without Rodgers in 2017 (including the game Rodgers started against Minnesota), it’s evident Green Bay has not met those keys to winning.

Here is a breakdown of those key categories thus far.

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