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Mocking the Mocks: Checking out SB Nation’s latest 2 round Mock Draft FEATURED BLOG POST


I love writing my opinion about the Bears on this website, but since I read so many other Bears pages, once in a while it just makes more sense to share what somebody else is blogging about our team. Even though,Although I hope you come to this site daily for your Chicago football news and information, I still appreciate all of the other good bloggers out there, and I want to share what some of them have to say as well.

Here is an article that I thought you might want to read:

Mocking the Mocks: Checking out SB Nation’s latest 2 round Mock Draft

Now that the Super Bowl is over it’s officially time to ramp up the mock drafts!

Mock Draft season seems to be getting longer and longer every year. With the Chicago Bears limping to a 5-11 record in 2014, we shared a few mock drafts earlier than ever before. The NFL Draft and mock drafts in particular may not be your thing, but they consistently drive a lot of conversation among our members.

So someone must like them.

The point of the mock draft isn’t to correctly match every pick to their future team, it’s to learn more about the potential prospects that could be heading to your favorite team. Sure there are some egomaniacs that truly believe they are going to nail every pick, but time and time again the best mock drafters are lucky to get a few right. There are just too many variables in the real NFL draft.

When it comes to mock drafts, I just use them as a tool. I go over the mock, learn about some of the prospects the Bears could target, then check out another mock, then repeat.

When the Bears took Kyle Fuller at 14 last year, it was a surprise to many, but regular readers of Windy City Gridiron were ” >”>

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GO Bears!

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