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SPYGAMES: Aaron Rodgers Injury Update: Packers QB has shoulder surgery, per report


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It seems like lots of Bears fanatics want to not only keep up with their favorite team the Bears, but also want to keep an eye on what the hated rivals are doing, We decided to periodically check out what’s transpiring across the fence.

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Aaron Rodgers Injury Update: Packers QB has shoulder surgery, per report

The team has not yet decided whether to put him on injured reserve.

The Green Bay Packers have been deliberately vague about quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ broken collarbone in the four days since he suffered the injury against the Minnesota Vikings. However, on Thursday afternoon news leaked out that Rodgers has had his surgery to correct the issue.

That news comes courtesy of NFL.com reporter Ian Rapoport.

The Packers still have yet to make any final determination on whether Rodgers will go on injured reserve, with head coach Mike McCarthy saying that the team was going to wait until after the surgery to make that decision. Now that surgery is complete, the roster transaction watch begins.

If the Packers do think Rodgers can return this season but still want to free up his roster spot, they would likely do so as possible. Players put on injured reserve may be reactivated after eight weeks on that list, so it would behoove the Packers to make that move prior to this Sunday’s game against the “>

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