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SPYGAMES: NFL Top 100 players for 2017: Matthew Stafford makes the top 50


Hello Bears Fans

It seems that most Bears faithful try to not only keep up with their hometown Bears, but also try to keep track of what the hated rivals are doing, We decided to occasionally see what’s transpiring in the enemy camp.

Here’s an article to keep you informed on what the other teams in our division are up to

NFL Top 100 players for 2017: Matthew Stafford makes the top 50

Matthew Stafford will be ranked higher than the likes of Andrew Luck and Jameis Winston.

On Monday, NFL Network released players 60 through 51 on their highly-publicized “Top 100 Players of 2017” list. The list is the top 100 players currently in the league as voted by a select group of NFL players.

The bottom 50 of this year’s list has been revealed and there have not been any Detroit Lions announced. Some believed Lions like Darius Slay or Golden Tate could make the list this year, but considering players like Josh Norman, Janoris Jenkins, Amari Cooper and Dez Bryant have already been named, it seems quite unlikely that they will make the list.

However, we can pretty much guarantee that Matthew Stafford will be on the list. “>

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