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SPYGAMES: Norse Code Podcast Episode 203: Out of Challenges


Hey Chicago Fanatics

I know many Bears fans want to not only keep up with their hometown Bears, but also want to keep track of what the hated division foes are doing, We decided to periodically see what’s going on in the enemy base.

Here’s a post to keep you informed on what the other teams in our division are up to

Norse Code Podcast Episode 203: Out of Challenges

Arif and James recap the Vikings victory over the Packers in the only way they know how — with rants and tangents. They cover an extensive mailbag and talk about your most burning question: what should you eat?

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Episode Notes:

  • Here’s a bad argument for changing the rules to protect quarterbacks outside of the pocket. Other rules changes worked, so why not this one?
  • And here’s a Deadspin piece lamenting the fact that players get injured.
  • Good lord, look at this quote from that Deadspin piece: “To the extent that there has been any joy to be found in the ” >”>

    …[click the link below to read the rest of the article]

The rest of the article can be found here:
Daily Norseman – All Posts

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