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SPYGAMES: Vikings vs Browns Preview: Trapped in London?


What’s Up Bears Fanatics

It seems that so many Chicago Bears faithful like to not only keep up with their hometown Bears, but also like to watch what the despised division rivals are up to, We decided to periodically see what’s happening across enemy lines.

Here’s an article to keep you up to date on what the other teams in our division are up to

Vikings vs Browns Preview: Trapped in London?

Eric is out this week, so Chris steps in for the picks

Greetings and salutations, one and all. Yours truly is stepping into the breach for this week’s picks column, as Eric and his lady fair are out gallivanting around Europe and getting ready to attend this week’s game at Twickenham. So, I will do my best to fill the void. This won’t have all the cool GIFs and stuff that Eric’s column usually does, because I have basically no idea how to do that sort of stuff (though it’s something I should probably learn at some point), but I’ll do my best here anyway.

This week, the Vikings ride their three-game winning streak and their 5-2 record into jolly old England to do battle with the Cleveland Browns, who remain one of the NFL’s two winless teams after falling in overtime last week. Do the Vikings need to worry about falling into a trap prior to their bye week?

They shouldn’t. But, this is the NFL, and stranger things have happened.

When the Browns have the ball

Cleveland head coach Hue Jackson has garnered a reputation over the years of being a bit of a “quarterback whisperer.” Apparently this season, he’s whispering so softly that ” >”>

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The rest of the article can be found here:
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