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SPYGAMES: Voting begins today for the NFL’s 2018 Pro Bowl


What’s Up Chicago Fans

I know lots of Chicago Bears fans want to not only keep up with their favorite team the Bears, but also want to keep track of what the hated enemies are doing, We decided to occasionally see what’s transpiring across the fence.

Here’s an article to keep you informed on what the other teams in our division are up to

Voting begins today for the NFL’s 2018 Pro Bowl

Which Packers are available for voting? Find out here.

On Tuesday, the NFL announced the start of fan voting for the 2018 Pro Bowl, the league’s postseason All-Star Game. This year’s voting will combine fans’ votes with those of the coaches and players to determine the lineups for the game. Also in the press release, the league announced that voting will run from now through December 14th, and that Pro Bowl rosters will be revealed in a special on NFL Network on the evening of December 19th.

For those not doing the math at home, this means that voting will be open for approximately four weeks, and that the teams will be decided after week 14 of the season.

The list of players available for voting reflects the massive quantity of injuries to star players around the league. For example, Aaron Rodgers is not available as an option due to his collarbone injury. As a whole, the league apparently took a snapshot of players who are currently in the starting lineups or who are not expected to miss significant time as of week ten in the NFL.

For the Packers in particular, there are a few oddities and interesting names on the list. Due to Martellus Bennett’s volatile departure, “>

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