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Ten Thoughts on the NFL FEATURED ARTICLE


I enjoy giving my insights about the Chicago Bears on this web site, but since I read so many other Chicago Bears blogs, on occasion it just makes more sense to pass on what another blogger is blogging about our beloved Bears. Even though,Although I hope you come to this site often for your Chicago Bears news and information, I still appreciate all of the other great sites around the web, and I want to share what some of them have to say as well.

Here is an article that I thought you might want to read:

Ten Thoughts on the NFL

1) Last week some silly Tony Romo to the Washington Redskins rumor popped up. I say silly, because I don’t see any scenario where the Dallas Cowboys trade anyone to their bitter rival. There was a third team involved, the San Francisco 49ers, who would get Kirk Cousins from Washington, but come on man, this was about as made-up as made-up can be.

If Dallas owner Jerry Jones can work some sort of miracle and trade Romo and his giant cap hit, it sure as Hell won’t be to an NFC East team. Jones and Romo even have an “unspoken understanding“ that Romo won’t sign in Washington as a free agent.

2) According to a source close to Adrian Peterson, the Boston Herald “>

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