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The Bear’s Den Monday Open Thread, January 30, 2017 FEATURED BLOG POST


I like writing my opinion about the Bears on this website, but since I read so many other Bears pages, from time to time it just makes more sense to link to what another blogger is writing about our beloved Bears. Even though,Although I hope you come to this site daily for your Bears news and info, I still appreciate all of the other good websites around the net, and I want to share what some of them have to say also.

Here is an article that I thought you might want to read:

The Bear’s Den Monday Open Thread, January 30, 2017

Welcome to your Offseason Monday Morning Open Thread.

Since beat reporters don’t work over the weekend & during the offseason there are very few weekend stories, until further notice (i.e. Free Agency gets here) we are going to just post Open Thread Dens on Mondays. Links Dens will appear Tuesday-Friday. Saturdays will remain Weekend Open Thread Dens and may or may not contain links, depending on the news cycle.

The seat belt light is off, feel free to get up and wander around the cabin! As always, open thread responsibly!!!!

Bear Down!!!!


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GO Bears!

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